Sunday, September 24, 2006

Student Reflections on Digital History

The autumn term is now under way and our students are back in school. Those taking grad courses in digital history at The University of Western Ontario and George Mason University are doing reflective blogging as part of their coursework. While not exactly the same, the two courses cover a lot of the same ground, and the students are wrestling with many of same issues. Their blogs make for very interesting reading, and Josh Greenberg (who is teaching 696) and I hope that there will be opportunties for members of the two classes to interact with one another. So by way of introduction, History 513F meet History 696.

Bryan Andrachuk
Lauren Burger
Diana Dicklich
John Jordan
Kelly Lewis
Molly Macdonald
Adam Marcotte
Carling Marshall
Kevin Marshall
Jeremy Sandor

Bill Andrews
Amanda Bennett
Jeff Bowers
James Garber
Misha Griffith
Karin Hill
Thomas Jenkins
John Lillard
Jenny Reeder
Steven Scott
Jennifer Skomer
Dieter Stenger
Tad Suiter
Karen Tessier
Billy Wade
Alan Walker
Gwen White

Update 29 Sep 2006. My friend Mills Kelly notified me that there are actually two grad digital history courses at GMU this semester. He is teaching History 689: Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age, and his students are blogging too. Welcome!

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