Monday, June 09, 2008

A Naive Bayesian in the Old Bailey, Part 4

With raw text files for each of the trials, we're almost in a position to try doing some experiments with a machine learner. Before we get started we are going to need a few utility routines to make our lives easier. Programmers enjoy writing tools so much they have a special expression for the process: yak shaving. Sometimes it's necessary, sometimes it's just fun, sometimes it's a great way to procrastinate. We'll try to keep it in check.
  • First of all, we'll want lists of all of the files that need to be processed in a given decade. We could use the operating system for this, but Windows is pretty slow when you have tens of thousands of files in a directory. A program to grab the list of filenames to another text file is here.
  • We're also going to want a list of all of the dates on which trials occurred (in other words, we will want a list of all of the days that the court was in session). The program to generate that list and sort it in ascending order is here.
  • Since our initial experiments will be focused on trying to automatically categorize trials by offence (e.g., "burglary"), we are going to need a few routines that make it easier to work with offences. One of these needs to return a mapping from trial IDs to one or more categories of offence (the code is here):
    • t-18341124-1.txt -> theft-burglary
    • t-18341124-2.txt -> theft-burglary
    • t-18341124-3.txt -> breakingpeace-wounding
    • ...
    • t-18341124-37.txt -> theft-stealingfrommaster, theft-simplelarceny
    • ...
  • Another routine needs to return a mapping from a particular offence to a list of matching trial IDs (the code is here):
    • theft-burglary -> t-18341124-1.txt, t-18341124-183.txt, t-18341124-185.txt, t-18341124-2.txt, t-18341124-4.txt, ...
  • Finally, we are going to need to have some idea of how many offences there were of each kind in a particular decade (the code is here). For the 1830s, the data look like the following:
    • breakingpeace-assault.txt|51
    • breakingpeace-libel.txt|7
    • breakingpeace-riot.txt|5
    • breakingpeace-threateningbehaviour.txt|4
    • breakingpeace-wounding.txt|166
    • breakingpeace.txt|1
    • damage-arson.txt|7
    • damage-other.txt|1
    • ...
That about does it for the utility routines. Next we have to address the problem of sampling.

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