Friday, September 01, 2006

Digital History Blogging Update

In June I posted a roundup of digital history blogs with the idea of highlighting some of the interesting work that is currently being done and maybe getting people to contact me if they were feeling left out. Since then, we've been joined by Nicolás Quiroga, who blogs about digital history in Spanish at Tapera. Nicolás recently spidered the blogrolls of the digital history sites on my original roundup and plotted some interesting visualizations. If my reading knowledge of French and Babelfish haven't completely completely let me down, he also asked if someone is willing to hack a more sophisticated (Babelfish: "less rustic") spider and make the source code publically accessible. Consider the gauntlet to be thrown down.

I was also contacted by Joseph Reagle who blogs about Open Communities, Media, Source and Standards and is working on a dissertation on the collaborative culture of Wikipedia at NYU.

Last but not least, I've also been following Semantic Humanities, a blog about web technology and humanities scholarship that digs into scripting and markup and occasionally breaks into code.

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