Thursday, February 01, 2007

More Readings for a Field in Digital History

Last month I posted a draft reading list for a general / comprehensive graduate exam in digital history. The list raised a fair amount of interest, and a number of people were kind enough to e-mail me suggested additions or blog about them. So, more or less in the order that I received them, here are more readings for a field in digital history. As before, I've included links to Amazon records to support further hacking. Suggestions are still welcome, of course.

John Jordan emphasized the historical precursors of digital history, particularly systems theory.
David Parry suggested a few theoretical works:
Sheila Brennan sent two readings from her own list...
Jeremy Boggs posted a nice piece about the importance of design in digital history, which included the books listed below. (He also quoted Josh Greenberg to the effect that "You wouldn’t go to an academic conference to present a paper wearing dirty, torn jeans and ratty t-shirt." To which I'd have to reply that I've given more than my share of conference presentations in a black T-shirt and ratty cargo shorts. How the heck else could I perform my nerdiness? It's not like I wear horn rims or a pocket protector.)
And last but not least, Tom Elliot pointed out Geoffrey Rockwell's great list of online readings in humanities computing.

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